Mass Transfer Lab Apparatus

Red Metal Engineers offers some best quality produced Theory of Machine Lab Equipments in the industry. We manufacture, trade and export high quality Machine Lab Apparatus to schools, colleges and research labs worldwide. All our equipments are carefully manufactured, tested and supplied under the strict supervision of our qualified experts following the industry standard guidelines.

Product Discription

The purpose of Theory of Machines Lab is to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. One can study the relative motion between various parts of a machine and force which act upon them with the help of this lab. Various experiments with governors, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration facilities are available to understand machine dynamics. Red Metal Engineers Theory of Machine Lab Equipments are fully equipped to serve the purpose and deliver accurate results, thus help in practical experiments and researches.

Our top quality Theory of Machine Lab Instruments are carefully designed and developed so as to meet every customers requirements through continual endeavor and innovation. Our instruments are widely acclaimed in the market for their following attributes:

  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable and Reliable Performance
  • Easy to Observe and Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • User-friendly Interface

Our wide range of Theory of Machines Lab Equipments includes Cam Analysis Apparatus, Michell Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus, Whirling of Shaft Demonstrator Apparatus, Journal Bearing Apparatus, Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus, Universal Vibration Apparatus, Coriolis Component of Acceleration Apparatus, Universal Governor Apparatus, Static and Dynamic Balancing Demonstrator, Slip and Creep Measurement Apparatus, Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus, Pin on Disc Wear Apparatus, Tri-Filar Suspension System and many more.

Our over the years expertise and high quality manufacturing processes enables us to build and maintain long term relationships with our clientèle all around the globe.