Packed Bed Reactor

We are among the topmost manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality Packed Bed Reactor. This apparatus is commonly used for the studying of liquids in various packed bed arrangements. The offered apparatus also undergoes various in-house quality testing procedures before being dispatched for the customerís end.
Product Name: Packed Bed Reactor

Product Code: PMAG-0001

The setup consists of a glass column packed with Rasching Rings and two feed tanks. Reactants are fed to the reactor through liquid distributor, fitted at the bottom of the column. Rotameters are provided to measure the individual flow of Chemicals. The flow rate can be adjusted by operating the needle valves provided on respective Rotameter. The magnetic drive pump is used for circulation of feed. Samples can be taken periodically from the top outlet of reactor. Pressure Regulator & Pressure Gauge are fitted in the compressed air line

  • Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 2.5 CFM
  • Water Supply and Drain
  • Electricity 500 watts, 220 V, 1 Phase
  • Floor Area 0.75 m x 0.75 m

    • Experiments
      • Sponification Reaction studies in Packed Bed Reactor
      • To determine the Reaction Rate Constant
      • Utilities Required
      • Water Supply & Drain
      • Instruments, Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted