Heat Tranfer Lab Equipments

We are recognized as the premier manufacturers, traders and exporters of Heat Transfer Lab Equipments in India. With a vast experience and in-depth research we have been able to develop and design such Heat Transfer Lab Instruments that are easy to use and easy to understand. All the equipments are manufactured using utmost quality raw material using state-of-the-art technology. Our professionals yearn to develop such products that are durable, user friendly, low in maintenance and cost efficient. Working round the clock to provide client with the best of their requirements we promise to provide 100% customized products as per the needs of the clients.

We offer a wide range of Heat Transfer Lab Equipments which includes Heat Transfer Through Composite Walls Apparatus, Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe, Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder, Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod, Thermal Conductivity of Liquids, Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Slab, Heat Transfer In Forced Convection, Heat Transfer In Natural Convection, Emissivity Measurement Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Dropwise and Filmwise Condensation Apparatus, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Heat Pipe Demonstrator, Heat Transfer from A Pin-Fin, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Vertical and Horizontal Condenser,Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel, Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit, Open Pan Evaporator, Single Effect Evaporator, Multi Effect Evaporator, Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, Fluidized Bed Heat Transfer Unit, Pool Boiling Apparatus, Two Phase Heat Transfer Unit, plate Type Heat Exchanger, Cross Flow Heat Exchanger, Helical Coil Heat Exchanger, Heat exchanger Teaching Set-up, Tubular Heat Exchanger (accessory), Plate Type Heat Exchanger (accessory), Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger (accessory), Jacketed Vessel With Coil & Stirrer (accessory), Calandria Evaporator and many more such items.

Some of the features of our Heat Transfer Lab Equipments are:
  • High performance
  • Superior design
  • Low power consumption
  • User-friendly functions
  • Used high quality raw material
  • Competitive prices

We at Red metal Engineers manufacture and supply all Engineering Laboratory Equipments which meets the customerís requirements through continual endeavor and innovation. Our company is well managed with a team of highly qualified personnel with an experience of more than two decades and active involvements in foreign business to develop.