Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

Red Metal Engineers manufactures some of the best Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Equipments in the industry. We produce, trade and export the best quality Chemical Lab Engineering Lab Equipments manufactured with best in the industry practices using hi-tech machines and professional team of experts.

Over the years experience and expertise has inculcate in us a sense of responsibility and ownership to deal and maintain relations with our clients all over the world. We offer customized Engineering Lab Equipments to cater to the needs of each and every client. Our experts understands the industry requirement and come up with high performance design and structure of instruments to assist in Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab.

Some of the salient features of our Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Equipments are:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiently Designed

Our wide range of Engineering Lab Equipments includes Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR), Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor, Plug Flow Reactor Straight Tube Type, Plug Flow Reactor Coiled Tube Type, Isothermal Batch Reactor, Isothermal Semi-Batch Reactor, RTD Studies in Plug Flow Reactor, UV Photo Reactor, Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium Apparatus, Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank reactor, Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor, Adiabatic Batch Reactor, Packed Bed Reactor, Kinetics of Dissolution of Benzoic Acid, RTD Studies in Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor, RTD Studies in Packed Bed Reactor, Emulsion Polymerization Set-up, Condensation Polymerization Set-up, Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor, Combined Flow Reactor, Chemical Reactor Teaching Equipment, Liquid Phase Chemical Reactor, Recycle Bed Reactor, Spinning Basket Reactor and much more.

Our especially designed Chemical Lab Equipments eases selection, sizing, design, operation and troubleshooting of chemical reactors. These studies further determine reaction kinesics, observe the kinetic rate data, verify the performance equations and have a feel of thermal effects.